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A Black History Month Poem

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

So Black History Month is here

31 days where Black people reflect on our hopes and fears

But these 31 days sometimes feel like a cage

Because Black struggles suddenly take centre stage

But we tussle and hustle all year through

Not being authentic to ourselves because our frustrations brew

Never daring to show any emotion that could cause us pain

400 years plus and sometimes still locked under ball and chain

You might not see it but it’s shackled to us nevertheless

Having to work 5x harder, hoping to impress

Those in power who claim to be fair

But you only have to look at the top to see who’s there

Whilst swerving daily microaggressions with our best poker face

Hoping in our lifetimes we’re seen as equals no matter our race

But each year goes by and October comes back around

Like clockwork we’re reminded of our shades of brown

Because it seems that’s what many people see when they look at us

A box to tick or a token surplus

The fact is no one wants to lose

Some enjoy our rhythm whilst upholding our blues

They say the worst is behind us and we should “let things go”

But if we become complacent, then so does our flow

We’ve allowed a social construct made by mankind to divide

Instead of embracing what makes us beautiful, you were consumed by pride

So when you talk of being an ally, would you really give up your seat

Or would you hold on tight to that privilege that remains so sweet

Even those who are fairer skinned, know deep down

That they’re more likely to be given the acceptance crown

Amongst Black/Brown people our struggles are not the same

Which is why I really don’t like the term BAME

I don’t want to sound like an ingrate, it’s better now than before

But many of us still stand alone behind a closed door

I’m an optimist by nature so my glass is always half full

It means we all have a lot of responsibility to pull

To make sure colleagues, family and friends

Do more than post Black squares and other social media trends

To help racial equality and acceptance for all

Together we conquer and divided we fall

Yes we’re making positive moves but we are still so far

But a generational goal where equity is for everyone should be our north star

Abi Adamson 🤎🖤🤎


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