Transformation starts with listening

Create a thriving workplace culture that retains talent,
rather than repelling it.


You suspect you have a diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging problem

Are you experiencing high staff turnover but can't put your finger on the cause?

Do you suspect that your company culture might not be as inclusive as it could be? Perhaps you're seeing patterns of dissatisfaction and disengagement among your employees, or maybe you've had feedback hinting at issues around diversity and inclusion. These are tough challenges that can threaten the very foundations of your organisation.

This is where The Diversity Partnerships steps in

We offer bespoke diversity and inclusion consultancy services designed to transform your workplace culture and foster an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, safe and set up for success.

Our training programmes empower your teams with the understanding and tools to address workplace inequities, improve communication and foster a more open and respectful workplace. 

How It Works:

First, we need to understand your starting point. We do this by digging deep, speaking not just with leadership but with your employees, to get an accurate picture of the current situation. We then tailor our strategies and training to your needs, ensuring a fit-for-purpose solution, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Consulting methods we might employ include:

  • Focus/listening groups
  • Training and workshops
  • Gathering DEIB data
  • Coaching leadership
  • Looking through recruitment processes
  • Assessing promotion pipelines

Here's our Abi explaining 'What is privilege?'


Supporting meaningful change

Our DEIB consulting strategies help us drive real, meaningful change so we can support the well-being of all your employees while also boosting productivity and retention. Our clients consistently report significant positive shifts post-training. Expect to see:

  • A huge boost in confidence after workshops
  • Improved communication and openness about challenges
  • Leaders feeling more comfortable talking openly with employees
  • More diversity, equality and inclusion goals being met
  • Reduced reliance on under-represented communities to educate others
  • Enhanced employee self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Employees more forthcoming in speaking up about non-inclusive behaviour
But the most important outcome is a happier, more inclusive and more productive workplace that people are proud to be a part of.

Big Shout Out to the People Team for a fantastic and funny 'Lunch and Learn' from the amazing Abi Adamson from The Diversity Partnership. Abi, who could also have an excellent career in stand-up comedy, delivered her entire 90-minute presentation and Q&A without using a single PowerPoint slide. Not only did Abi do an amazing job without a single PowerPoint slide for 90 mins and answered all our questions on Race Equality in the Workplace. Her work, her leadership, her presence and her impact can't be underscored.

I have witnessed firsthand the genius, the courageous content and the applicability of Abi's training, teaching, advocacy and content as it pertains to hiring, attracting, nurturing and mobilising diverse talent. Her impact has meant that organisations who really want to walk the walk on reaching individuals from different backgrounds, identities and abilities and ensuring there are diverse pipelines of talent competing for the opportunity to contribute. The strategy The Diversity Partnership created for us, is now part of our five-year plan at LWT.

Abi and Amy have delivered some amazing educational sessions at ustwo. Their energies and content kept us thoroughly engaged and yearning for more - which is no mean feat on Zoom! Not only did we learn a lot together, we also made fast and tangible actions as a direct outcome of the sessions. As a global organisation, we can sometimes lose our inclusion focus, but after Abi's thorough insights through data gained from the listening groups, we have been closely working with Abi on frameworks to strengthen our organisation's commitment to inclusion and belonging.

What’s next?

Don't let unresolved diversity and inclusion challenges continue to rot your organisation.

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