Consultancy and training that leads to lasting change

Let’s work together to challenge the status quo and break down inclusion barriers. We can't promise it will be a smooth journey but we can definitely keep you positive and smiling in the process.

About The Diversity Partnership

First, a little honesty and transparency from us…

We're here to help you, and whilst some consultancies may walk on eggshells or sugarcoat the truth, we’re all about candor in a way that will change your workforce for the better.

True progress in diversity and inclusion requires a genuine partnership between us and the organisations we work with. We don't claim to have a magic wand that instantly solves every issue. Instead, we emphasise the importance of meeting each other halfway.

Our mission is to dig deep and uncover the underlying reasons for your current challenges. This means having open and honest conversations to address surface-level pickles as well as deeper, systemic issues.

Why The Diversity Partnership?

The Diversity Partnership supports collaborative environments where we can work together to create meaningful change for the better.

By calling ourselves a 'partnership', we aim to emphasise that this journey is a collective effort, beyond leaning on us to do all the heavy lifting. After all, we are here to help alleviate and solve internal challenges, so it's about all of us working together to create a more inclusive and diverse world.

Our approach

Our people-centred approach, combined with our principles of Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (BIDE), pave the way for everyone to express their authentic selves in a thriving work environment confidently.

You may see that we're not too disciplined about which order the letters go. DEIB, EDIB, BIDE - they're all as important as each other and they all need each other to work.

Diversity - Equity - Inclusion

Abi Adamson


“Hellooooo! I'm Abi Adamson, the driving force behind The Diversity Partnership. Quoted as one of the "Stars of Black LinkedIn" by the New York Times, I've made it my mission to reshape the way we approach diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

With a robust academic background focused on decolonising education, race relations and social justice, I'm not just ‘talking the talk’. I'm well-versed in the research and data that underpin the real impact of diversity and inclusion. But here's the thing: I believe in keeping things real, relatable and progressive.

Confronting issues like workplace inequities, gender pay gaps or institutional racism can be tough, and I'm not one for pointing fingers. I prefer to sprinkle these discussions with a bit of humour, making the conversations more approachable and less of a lecture. My track record? I've successfully designed and implemented diversity and inclusion strategies for global brands like The Orchard, ustwo and Wise, to name a few. I'm passionate about helping organisations and internal teams build bridges by fostering spaces where everyone feels free to be authentically themselves.

People often comment on my down-to-earth, non-corporate approach - apparently, it's a breath of fresh air. I'm all about embracing the journey of learning and growth and I am humbled by the trust clients put in me to help them find answers.

So, if you're looking for a diversity and inclusion partner who brings skills, lived experience, academic insight and a dash of humour to the table, I’m confident that our synergies will fuse together. Let's get the ball rolling, get stuck in, and make some long-lasting positive changes together.